Victoires de la musique 2020 : who is Hoshi, a revelation scene of the year ?

This Friday 14 February 2020, the 35th victory of the music we will learn about Hoshi, a cute brunette named category in the revelation scene of the year. It tells you more about this artist of great character.

Hoshi, this name tells you something ? Normal, the girl has been courted by a number of tele-hook. “I stopped my studies at 18 years, just after the tray to be able to devote myself to the music, said the young woman at the site at the time of the release of his first album, entitled just believe (2018). I refused The Voice because I was a bit taxed to interpret The small ball lost Bourvil, this was not the image I wanted to show me. I have done Rising Starto gain experience, more than for anything else. It is certain that these two experiences made me mature and understand certain things. “From his first album, the public will hold the tube to Your marinara. “I wanted at any price that this first album is just like me, she added. I have achieved this goal, and I am very proud of. My second goal is to touch people with what I have experienced and observed in my songs. This is probably my main goal. “Mission accomplished with his nomination for the 35èmes Victoires de la musique 2020.

From the street to the Musical Scene of Paris

It is far the time where Hoshi was singing in the street, opposite the RER train station of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Today, the young woman announces a second album in stores in march 2020, with the first single Love censorship released at the end of last year. “According to iTunes, this is of the French variety, but to tell you everything, I’m not really in agreement, said the singer. It is the variety, but there is also this side of rock. So I would say rock in French. “How she learned of her nomination at the Victoires de la musique ? The funniest of ways.” In fact, it was my producer who called me to tell me either, saying a new horrible, except that when he said this, I heard on the phone her smile so I do absolutely not believe what he said to me, ” she says. It is a very bad actor (Laughs), but it was too cute ! I expected absolutely not ! “See you on the evening of Valentine’s day in prime time on France 2 to discover the angel Hoshi.