Victoires de la musique 2020 : who is Malik Djoudi, one of the revelations of the year ?

This Friday 14 February 2020 will be held in the 35th victory of the music. Broadcast in prime time on France 2, the ceremony will allow us to discover Malik Djoudi, one of the revelations of the year, which we propose to make a brief portrait today.

Music, Malik Djoudi fell into it when he was a child. “When I was 10 years old, there was a piano at my parents house and I was trying to make arrangements, telling the artist named the 35èmes Victoires de la musique in the category” revelation of the year in The Candy. Being self-taught, I made my first song in 12 years without ever learning music, thanks to my mother who pushed me a lot to sing. But arrived at the college the music theory course made me cry, it seemed so absurd to do math with music ! “It is only to his majority, that he will realize his dream by living fully for his passion, winning its first stamps in television and film for which they composed the melodies. “I was able to buy a home studio and start making arrangements, and then sing in dance performances, through which I was traveling around the world,” he added. Except that after a while I got fed up of being in a group so I decided to make my music all by yourself. ”

A beautiful solo singer

Nominated in the category Revelation of the year at the Victoires de la music thanks to his album – Temper – re-released recently, Malik Djoudi didn’t believe it at the start.” When I heard the news, I didn’t realize, and I don’t realize it yet, he says, to our fellow-members of France 2. I walked with a light step, thinking of my loved ones, to all people who participated closely or by far to this disc… Thank you life! “It will be necessary to wait until this Friday 14 February 2020, in prime time on France 2, in order to know which of Malik Djoudi, of Maëlle or Apple will be crowned revelation of the year. By then, the beautiful brown of not hide her joy, and continues to share his temperament with his fans…