Victor Lafay: Is French Tour de France Sensation in a Couple?


Victor Lafay’s Incredible Victory

Victor Lafay and his loved ones will certainly remember for a long time the arrival on the side of Saint-Sebastien last July 2nd. When there were only a few hundred meters left to the arrival, the 27-year-old French rider decided to launch an attack that surprised all the other riders. After a sustained effort until the end, he finally crossed the finish line as a winner and signed an incredible victory for his team, Cofidis. Since then, all the spotlights have been focused on the native of Lyon (Rhône), who has become the new darling of the French fans of the Tour de France in just a few minutes.

Victor Lafay’s Discreet Life

If he has not yet repeated his exploit of the second day, the young athlete is more closely watched by his opponents and by the media, but it is difficult to know more about him, as he is discreet. Active on his Instagram account, where he has nearly 20,000 subscribers, he mainly publishes photos related to his professional cycling activity, but not much more than that. In his description, he mentions having two cats whose initials are H and M, but no trace of a possible love relationship. In an article from the Parisien on July 3rd, it was revealed that the handsome brunette had broken up with his girlfriend last spring. It seems that Victor Lafay is indeed single!

Victor Lafay’s Difficult Times

If we look closely at his career, it is a small miracle that Victor Lafay is on the Tour de France this year, since the champion has known difficult times in the past. He had, among other things, an osseous exostosis on the femur, which required a surgical intervention. “2017 was my first real year among the hopefuls”, he declared once the problem was solved, but this discomfort will disturb him in his progression. Last year, same story, with a new very annoying health problem, but this time due to the covid. Convinced of suffering from a form of long covid, he will suffer during the Tour de France 2022. “No strength, and then impossible to breathe. I talked about it in the peloton, there are a lot of people who have it”, he explained at the time.


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