VIDEO A dinner almost perfect : a candidate with two fingers to vomit in full preparation of the meal

Friday, may 22, Aurélie, a candidate of a Dinner almost perfect, being challenged by Merouan Bounekraf had to cook testicles of lamb… to his great disappointment.

For the return of brand new episodes of A dinner almost perfect, after many reruns during the containment, it is a version a little special of the show that was recorded. In fact, the candidates were not only in the kitchen to prepare the meal… but with Merouan Bounekraf ! But the chief cook, passed by the show Top Chef, was not there to help. Quite to the contrary. They impose “challenges impossible” : to include in their menus or ingredients little ragoûtants, tongue, beef, octopus, brains of beef or the eggs of a hundred years (as in the trial of Willy Rovelli in Fort Boyard, it is the point at which the foods are little appetizing…). And in the episode aired Friday, may 22, these are the testicles of lamb she has inherited for its menu. What the taste strongly. “It’s your balls ! My god ! “, she screamed in discovering the ingredient provided by Merouan Bounekraf.

Aurélie : “ I have a heart here !

Aurélie chose to cook the testicles of lamb, stuffing in a leaf of chard so sweet. But to arrive at the time to cut the skin, that may not be eaten, has the applicant had a lot of trouble… mainly because of the ” odors that arrive from beyond the grave “, she describes. “I have a heart here ! “, she started to Merouan, which to him seemed not to be bothered. She finally took her courage in both hands, while continuing to grimace, to cut the testicles of lamb, before being blanched (on the advice of Merouan), and then prepare the stuffing. The guests of Aurélie, too, have been bothered by the smell of the testes, which has not prevented to enjoy her dish… until they know what it was. “What a horror… “, exclaimed one of them. “And yet, it was good,” added another.