VIDEO A Dinner almost perfect : Maeva Ghennam offended by a candidate who thought that she was disguised

This Monday, February 24, Maeva Ghennam participated in A Dinner almost perfect. Then a candidate proposing an evening on the theme of the carnival, the young woman arrived dressed in a very sexy. A candidate has yet thought she was disguised. The drama !

The week of A Dinner almost perfectlooks very choppy. This Monday, February 24, W9 has launched the battle of the regions . But it is in Paris that the new competitors of the program will compete with their typical dishes from the local and regional traditions. If Maeva Ghennam will represent the city of Marseille, it is the Ch’ti Katy who initiated the hostilities. With its specialties including the basic of maroilles, the applicant has also proposed a theme around the carnival. It is, therefore, in an outfit very, very colourful and completely crazy that the participant has received his or her guests.

A look that is not unanimous

If Katy has opted for quilts, false eyelashes yellow to match her tutu, while also colorful, his guests have remained very, very sober. Except Maeva, who has released his held the sexiest. With his coat of black fur, and her green dress and ultra figure-hugging and low-cut, the star of Marseillehas made arrival very noticed. Yet his look has not always resulted in the desired effect. Qualified of “Miss bimboland with her big tits” by a competitor, the young woman was also surprised by another participant, Erwan. And the latter has committed a big ball.

“Ah, but you’ve put a dress of carnival too ! You knew it ! “, launched the naive the young man. What irked Maeva ! “Ah good ?! You find that it is carnival ? It shows that you don’t know the class ! By cons, your glasses… This is not very stylish ! “, she retorted, before pushing a big rant in front of the cameras of W9. “There is Erwan, binoclard, who dares to talk about my dress. It shows that he knows nothing about this snake with glasses ! “she nettled. “We’re not going too agree you and me ! “he has launched Maeva, before you begin the cocktail hour. The young man finally managed to calm down the game. But the week promises to be very long.