VIDEO Alain Chabat naked in Lawn of doom : Josiane Balasko tells the note to naughty Victoria Abril


Sunday, 19 January, in The Children of the tv, Josiane Balasko remembered the scenes of the filming of the Turf Cursed, including a scene where Alain Chabat played completely naked… enough To titillate Victoria Abril.

In 1995 came the film Gazon Maudit. A comedy with Josiane Balasko, Alain Chabat, Victoria Abril became a cult. The pitch : Laurent (Alain Chabat), mari volage, and Loli (Victoria Abril) live happy in the South of France, until Mary-Jo (Josiane Balasko) disrupts their daily lives. Fallen down with his minibus in front of their house, she arrives at them. Laurent and Marie-Jo that all objects have a common point : they both love women. In The children of the tv, Sunday, January 19, Laurent Ruquier, who took the actress to the Splendid on the shelf has released an extract hilarious film, in which Alain Chabat walks around completely naked in the living room, asking Josiane Balasko telling behind-the-scenes. “It was an enchantment,” began the actress. “Ila of the turning that takes place in an extraordinary way…” And it was the case of that one, where the atmosphere was ” family “, she remembered.

The note to naughty Victoria Abril

When the scene with Alain Chabat in the most simple device, it has not been easy to turn. “This scene here, we have put a lot of time to repeat it. The production manager was panic-stricken because we had started at 9 o’clock in the morning, at 1am we had nothing shot, ” said Josiane Balasko. “And I told him “we shoot in sequence and it is necessary that everything is in place so that it never sees the zizi Alain”. So we put a lot of time. And once it had been properly repeated, it has turned… But it is true that I was forced to watch it for many times the sex of Alain Chabat, saying “it is ugly to look at”. “But Victoria Abril, it was not visibly disturb by the assets of Alain Chabat. Imitating the Spanish accent of the actress, Josiane Balasko said : “Victoria was saying,”He has a very nice package“. “


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