VIDEO Amel Bent confides about this famous singer that she called ” dad “


Tuesday, 31 December, on the plateau of the issuance of The artists date back to the time, on M6, Amel Bent recalled memories of his youth, and in particular a singer very famous, which resembled his father and that she now call ” dad.”

While a decade ended and another began Tuesday, 31 December 2019, it is in the 1980s that was dedicated to the issue of The artists date back to the time, on M6. The opportunity for guests to recall memories of those years, when Michael Jackson sang Billie Jean, where Peter and Sloane had Need of nothing, desire of thee, that the Beginning of the evening ended in a Night of madness. Thus, Amel Bent has chosen to recall the year 1988, very remarkable for the little girl that she was. It was only three years old. “It was a year a bit complicated for me, even though I was fairly young, because it is the year where my parents are separated. It was a new start, a new life. I’m part of me to live with my mom, ” she confided. And this is a clip from a very famous singer, with whom she is now a friend, that she remembers particularly.

The reason why Amel Bent called Florent Pagny ” dad “

“I remember that small little I saw the clip of anything from Florent Pagny to be on tv, and I don’t know why but it made me think of my father, that I saw not just at this time,” said Amel Bent on the set of the show. A song that touched her in particular, even if it did not include necessarily the words. “This energy, this violence emanating from this song I think it was in line with what I was experiencing. And I was maybe a little transfer with this song and this gentleman that I don’t know who looked a bit like my father. “Since then, Amel Bent has met with Florent Pagny… and ” today, I call him dad “. Yet, she never told him the importance that had been his song in his childhood. “I just told him that he looked like my father,” she confided before taking the tube of Florent Pagny.


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