VIDEO Annoyed, Didier Raoult is taking on the “doctors office” who advise the government

Professor Didier Raoult has put online a video in which he gives information about his treatment with hydroxychloroquine, and took the opportunity to tackle some of his critics. In his viewfinder, we find the doctors of the scientific Council.

Applauded by some, criticized by others, the professor Didier Raoult is at the heart of the fight against the Covid-19. Director of IHU Méditerranée Infection, the marseilles physician recommends a treatment experimental hydroxychloroquine. Although the latter has treated patients – including celebrities such as Laura Tenoudji – there is always a debate on the use of this molecule against the coronavirus. Pending the results of studies conducted at the european level, Didier Raoult continues to prescribe it, which earned him significant criticism. “It has detected and treated a lot of patients, it is on a curve very decreasing, has defended this Wednesday, April 8, in a video posted on the YouTube channel of the IHU Méditerranée Infection. Things are very reassuring on this treatment, for which we had no problem cardiologic with none of the patients we have treated. “

Professor Didier Raoult goes on the attack

From his office, the professor took on some of his critics, including members of the scientific Council in which the government regularly calls since the beginning of the health crisis. “It’s been 42 years that I do this business and I still see patients once a week, to stay in touch with the reality and not become a doctor’s office “, he let go. A qualifier bit of praise that it gives no problem to those who are not like him on the field. “ There are people who are mad with method, along with the fact that everything is research, ” he protested. What is disconnected to the fact that one needs to know if people are carriers or not ! And when people are sick, they should be treated with the drugs that we’re a. “Didier Raoult has also made it clear that despite potential side effects, her treatment was” not toxic : “Finally, hydroxychloroquine, it is a thing that were distributed without even an order two months ago ! “he protested.

For the teacher in marseille,it is time to action : “These are people who are not of medicine that talk about medicine, he annoyed. The medicine is to practice care every day to people who are sick. We give them a treatment, we do not say : “Go home and if you are no longer able to breathe, come to the hospital.” This is not it, medicine ! “A position very net which has been nuanced this Thursday, April 9, on BFM TV by doctor Alain Ducardonnet. The latter explained that, contrary to the ” doctors office “, Didier Raoult could have an ” intuition clinic “, a ” feeling that it works “. But this is not enough, according to this expert health : “Unfortunately, the natural evolution of the disease may possibly deceive this intuition. So it’s still important to have objective figures to say whether or not it works. “