VIDEO Armande Altai mountains : the former member of Star Academy, just to make ends meet


Armande Altai was invited on the plateau of Jordan Luxury, this Thursday 26 April. The former member of the Star Academy is entrusted on the issue, while revealing how she had touched. A sum of which it is a far cry today…

If there’s a tele-hook, which has marked the history of French television, this is the Star Academy. Launched in 2001, the show hosted by Nikos Aliagas has seen the birth of stars. Reflected in the course of Jenifer, who is now a coach in The Voice, or Nolwenn Leroy, which continues to fill theaters across France. But the tenants of the castle of Dammarie-lès-lys are not the only ones to have been able to pull their pin of the game. Within the jury, the viewers had their favourites. There was of course the choreographer Kamel Ouali, but also the singing teacher Armande Altai ! This last, invited on the plateau of Jordan Luxury, has said a little more on the behind the scenes of the show. She has revealed how she was reaching for his involvement in the show’s mythical the One.

Armande Altai has only a meager pension

“It was still francs, and I hit 30 000 swiss francs [about 4 500 euros, editor’s note] a month, half of which is a party to income tax. This is normal at the same time, remembered the one who was known for his behavior of the lunar. It is advantage in life. I have repaired things, bought instruments. With this money, it is less course and more music. “Of the pleasures that Armande Altai no longer has the luxury to afford. Because now 76 years old, she is well away from the spotlight. And the money raised through the show of TF1 they also… ” I’m not rich. I have no money. I have 900 euro pension “, she conceded on the board Non Stop People. But since money does not buy happiness, it has nothing taken away her joy of living !


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