VIDEO C to You : Marc Lavoine made a declaration of love to his girlfriend, Line Papin

To live happy, live hidden ? This is not the vision of Marc Lavoine. For the past several months, the singer shows to the big day, the love he feels for Line Papin. He has recurred on the tray C to You, this Friday February 14.

Marc Lavoine is crazy in love. It is not in the cache for several months : with Line Papin, he found the one that has the look that kills, that has touched it, it is fucked up. “This is the most important meeting that I have made. It is a very great novelist, she has a writing that is incredible. She is very talented”, he told on the set of The interview without a filter, the Tv show Recreation. In August, in the columns of Nice-Matin, the singer was still more inflamed, making a terrific declaration to his beautiful : “I am in love with this woman. It is the most beautiful light that is the life I have made with my children. I was in the dark for 10-15 years… There, I see the colors. I’m happy with that. So why hide it ?”.

“We are listening”

Marc Lavoine the trumpets, therefore, his love. And since it is so pretty, it has once again raised the topic on the plate of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, on Friday 14 February. In fact, there is nothing better than Valentine’s day to affirm again be lovers. On the tray C, it is proposed to the singer to re-examine a sequence where Line Papin admit to not knowing by heart the repertoire of her man. An affront ? Not at all, for the singer, who did not even bounces on the confession of his girlfriend. While being very discreet, Marc Lavoine has preferred to the praise of the young woman of 24 years : “It isn’t loud, but you hear it and you listen to it”, said the singer, referring to the soft Line Papin, before adding : “This is a remarkable woman, really”. Awfully in the charm, Marc Lavoine.