VIDEO Cecile Bois achievement of the coronavirus : why she didn’t want to go to the hospital


This Thursday, march 26, Cécile Bois has delivered testimony very touching on the coronavirus which it is reached. The micro Morandini Live, the actress Candice Renoir explained why, despite the disease, she did not want to go to the hospital.

Where is he to stop the coronavirus ? Each day, the long list of people keeps growing. While prince Charles, the prince Albert II of Monaco, Christian Estrosi, and Laura Tenoudji and Blaise Matuidi have been contaminated, on the 23rd of march last, it is Cécile Bois, who was also suffering. The actress Candice Renoir was delivered without a detour on his traumatic experience. However, at the beginning, there are three weeks of this, the symptoms were of little concern. It was just the flu. But, once confined, the state of health of Cécile Bois has very quickly gotten worse.

“Go to the hospital, psychologically, it was the risk of dying “

If she hopes to be ” out of the tunnel “, this mother of two girls is still not fully healed. “I’ve always been a veil on the lungs, which only suffocating me more but that I out of breath at the slightest effort “, explains it this Thursday, march 26, at the microphone of Morandini Live on C News. Thus, the actress of 48 years old is always tired, has cough, but no longer has a fever. Yet, throughout her ordeal, she did not want to be hospitalized, as she concedes. “Call the 15, that meant taking the risk of burdening the medical system, and we were told a lot that the hospitals were overloaded,” is justified Cécile Bois. To the extent that it is deemed will not be at the stage the more critical of the disease. “I thought not yet be in respiratory distress. I was a failure, but not in distress, ” she explains during a moving tribute.

Fortunately, during this painful ordeal, Cécile Bois has been ” well surrounded “. “It helped me to calm down my breathing because I have also had moments of panic important that I have not been able to manage, without knowing if it was the disease, the claustrophobia, the deprivation of liberty, the climate of anxiety… it was All intermingled in a very confused manner “, recalls she. But above all, she confesses that she was terribly afraid of going to the hospital. Fear that this signs his death warrant. “Go to the hospital, psychologically, it was the risk of dying. It is silly but it is how I’ve lived things “, she says. So, stay in it and fight without being in the hospital, it was a way for her to say ” I’m going to get out of it “. This seems to have worked. If it is not completely from the coronavirus, the hard part is, hopefully, behind it.


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