VIDEO Cindy Fabre : this terrible consequence that Miss France has had on his work

This Friday, may 22, Cindy Fabre was the guest of Faustine Bollaert on the tray It starts today on France 2. Miss France 2005, is back on the difficult consequences of his / her year of reign on his professional life.

Cindy Fabre



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How can I forget that day ? On December 11, 2004, the life of Cindy Fabre has been turned upside down. Since it is on this night that the young woman of 19 years resulted in her being crowned Miss France 2005. She will never be able to forget it. She has lived a year of madness, a dream. But the awakening has been somewhat brutal. Especially when he had to return to a life near-normal, and thus a work. After a few years to be a tv presenter, Cindy Fabre wanted to find a job that would give him more stability. And, above all, that has nothing to do with his image. “I need to prove that he was not only my physical account “, “she said to herself, as she reports this Friday, may 22, on the tray It starts today – during a recorded show before the confinement.

Hours… to tell her reign Miss France

It is here that the first difficulties are being felt. Finding a job has been a real obstacle course. On the side of Pôle Emploi, the answer was clear : “Your background is atypical, there’s nothing we can do for you “. Nevertheless, this lovely woman is now 34 years of age and has never lowered the arms, and chained the interviews. Except that this was only the beginning of calvary. All the recruiters were interested in one thing : the year of the reign of Cindy Fabre, however, this is not because they have even changed his name on his CV. “It was more to ask me 15 billion of questions about the Miss, how was Genevieve [de Fontenay, editor’s note],” laments the main interested would have wanted to answer them : “I have come to the position, not to tell you about my life “. “I used to spend 4-5 hours of interview to tell my experience , “recalls Cindy Fabre in the face of Faustine Bollaert.

And the worst of it is that it does not even pay. “I was a little dépitée because I stayed, I didn’t answer, not because I was bad but because my profile was not “, explains the mother of Elio, seven years. When it was too low, employers did not want to bet on it, believing that at the first opportunity, she would leave. And on the contrary, when it was too high, the back was virulent : “but for whom do you take yourself ? In the end what is this that thou hast done ? You’re nothing “. A loss of time and energy that there has not been a result of the determination of Cindy Fabre. For proof, today, it has blossomed fully in the event.