VIDEO Cristina Cordula : this detail, which nearly cost him his career on M6

If today, Cristina Cordula is one of the facilitators flagship M6 channel, she could never be committed, because of a particular detail, revealed Maxime Guény in Key not at my post, Friday 21 February.

It is today one of the facilitators favorite of the French (in 2015, she was first in the ranking but has since was accelerated, in particular not Élise Lucet). Cristina Cordula, presenter’s flagship M6 channel, in particular with the issuance of The queens of the shopping(that viewers prefer to Incredible changes). Yet, she could never be engaged on the chain. It is this that has revealed Maxime Guény on the board not Touch to my post, Friday 21 February. The show, hosted by Benjamin Castaldi devoted a folder to the ” below the business Cordula “, referring to the relookings proposed by the facilitator, at prices ranging between 500 and 2500 euros, according to the formulas. But how about Cristina Cordula without addressing brasilian accent and his expressions favorite – “magnifaïk” and ” my sweetheart “ – that have made her popular with viewers.

The reason why Cristina Cordula would have never been involved on M6

“You know why she says “my sweetheart” ? Because she can’t remember the name of its candidate, ” said Maxime Guény. While Magali Berdah added : “You know that she has filed the “magnifaïk” and “my sweetheart” and more. “And then the chronicler has revealed another piece of information :” At the beginning, because of his accent, M6 did not want to take it to new look for a new life. “Fortunately, Cristina Cordula has finally been committed to the issuance of a makeover :” there has been a change of project leader on this issue, it is as well that she was able to return in the stable M6. “