VIDEO Cyril Lignac worried : Caroline Vigneaux is cup in full live on M6

This Wednesday, April 8, in All in cooking, Cyril Lignac has had a lot of trouble to manage Jérôme Anthony and his guest Caroline Vigneaux. This last, a bit scattered, has, unfortunately, cut off in full preparation.

Cyril Lignac had a lot of world to accompany, this Wednesday, April 8, in All in the kitchen ! In addition to the very dispelled Jerome Anthony, he had to take care of a complete family in Gassin, four friends Séailles, Julie and Denis to Beijing Express in Corsica, as well as its invited the people of the day. It was the humorist Caroline Vigneaux, who was in the mood more blagueuse that studious. She also did the show from his very first minutes in the show, with a jar of olives. “I can’t open it “, is it complaint with Cyril Lignac, before… to go and get a big hammer in his closet. “You know what ? I don’t care ! I open it like that ! “, she started, while vivid brutally the jar and putting the glass around on its work plan. “No, but you déconnes ? “, cried out the chief. “I never would have opened otherwise… “, has defended Caroline Vigneaux. “At home, don’t it ! “, then accused Cyril Lignac, taken aback but still very pro.

Caroline Vigneaux is cutting with his knife

While his recipe for chicken tajine advancing as well as they could, Cyril Lignac stopped : on his monitor, he saw that something was wrong with his guest. “What’s happened Caroline, you’re cut off ? “he has-he asked, worried. Paper towels on the finger, the comedian has confirmed : “I am cut off in éminçant onions. Nothing serious but, but, but… the “Jerome Anthony, advised him to make” goof “, while Cyril Lignac to him, was advised to take a small break to heal : “Mets-toi a small bandage and come back. “On his return, Caroline Vigneaux has not been much applied. Hearing about the instructions, she has made a lot of mistakes in his preparations and often lost the thread. “Caroline I love you, you’re even more void than me “, is amused Jérôme Anthony. The facilitator also was in the form, this April 8 : it has not stopped dressing up and didn’t follow the recipe either. “This evening, between Jerome and Caroline, I don’t know if am going to get there… “, has sighed Cyril Lignac, who has had to call on all his patience to go at the end of the show.