VIDEO Deal : Sophie Davant embarrassed by the confidence of a candidate on her husband

This Tuesday, January 15, Sophie Davant received a candidate named Christine, on the plateau of a bargain. The latter took advantage of his visit in the show to make him a revelation quite daring for her husband.

Sophie Davant has admirers ! Since she is the head of the Case Concluded, the facilitator 56-year-old has more than once been complimented by its candidates. Recently, it has been very uncomfortable when a young man made him fit inside. Named Benjamin, he has ceased to tell him that he was ” lovely “. But no offense to the admirers of the mother of Valentine and Nicholas, and is for the moment not interested in the life of a couple. Divorcee de Pierre Sled since 2012, she has found in the celibacy of a new way to flourish. “I discovered that there were plenty of things to explore : the lives, friendships, meetings, to do what we want,other balances, entrusted it recently in the columns of Days of France. It will yet have to do : the viewers are not yet dropping like flies ! Evidenced by the statements of a candidate, who revealed to him that her husband was completely under her spell.

Sophie Davant fallen in love with the husband of a candidate

This Tuesday, January 14, Sophie Davant has once again had the right to a declaration of true love. Come to present a silver service, a pensioner named Christine told her that her mom was a big fan of it. What delight the former presenter of It’s program, which he proposed to make her a little cuckoo to the antenna. “I give him big kisses to my little mama” has, therefore, launched the candidate, in front of the camera. But it is not the only one in the family to be a fan of the beautiful blonde ! The husband of Christine, him, is downright low for it. “I am also a kiss to my husband Gabriel, who is crazy about you !“, revealed the candidate came from Marseille. Uncomfortable, the leader of Pierre-Jean Chalençon and Julien Cohen then responded that she was “sorry”. But do not worry, the other person wasn ‘t the kind of jealous ! “He would have liked to come with me…”, she even overbid. Definitely, the star of a Deal is turning heads !