VIDEO Deal : when jared Cohen tries to trap Caroline Margeridon

This Tuesday, may 12, France 2 released a number unique to the hit show by Sophie Davant, it’s a bargain. During a sale, Julien Cohen attempted to trap her colleague Caroline Margeridon. Find out how to.

The buyers ofa bargain do not miss an opportunity to shoot (more or less friendly) in the legs. While the shooting resumed, France 2 continues to distribute its stock of emissions recorded prior to containment. This was the case on this Tuesday, may 12. Sophie Davant has particular knowledge of a certain Véronique. Coming from Saint-Malo, this woman of 53 years old wanted to sell a statue in carrara marble signed Pugi. A well estimated at 400 euros by the auctioneer of the show. This was without counting on Julien Cohen, who has pushed the amount in the arrow. Everything is party of his desire to trap Caroline Margeridon. This last was in effect launched in tough negotiations with François Boxes Bardina. Until she will eventually give up when the buyer was announced the amount of 500 euros. “This is for you,” lamented then Caroline Margeridon, while the saleswoman did not seem very satisfied with the price.

The technique (not quite) foolproof way to trap Caroline Margeridon

It is at this moment that Julien Cohen fell down. “Look at how return to Carolina in the race “, murmurs-t-it amused Diane Chatelet. His technique ? Make the product more attractive, by outbidding them in turn. The buyer star Business concluded, therefore, launched a battle against Francis Boxes Bardina. But not Caroline Margeridon on the horizon. The stratagem of the man with the blue glasses did not work. And yet it is not for lack of having extolled the virtues of the famous statue. It doesn’t matter. Nothing will. Caroline Margeridon, face iconic of the show, has not fallen in the trap of his friend and competitor. For proof, it will make the slightest bid. And finally, Véronique will do business with François Boxes Bardina with an amount of 620 euros. What probably disappoint a strand Julien Cohen, who was already a joy to spoof his colleague.