VIDEO Death of Quentin Dehar : his mother claims that cosmetic surgery has led him to suicide

This Thursday 6 February, France 2 released a number of a new investigation titled ” selfie with the scalpel “. The opportunity for the viewers to discover the testimony of the mother of Quentin Dehar, the deceased ” Ken man “.

He was known by the nickname of ” Ken “with a human. Last September 2, Quentin Dehar is given the death the night of his 27-year-old in a hotel room in Aix-en-Provence. Overview in programming So true and A dinner almost perfect, the young man had undertaken a training of steward, but was far, very far from being fulfilled in her professional life. “Steward, we win 1 of 400 euros per month. But it is what with 1 400 euros ? I still prefer to be with a guy rich, even if I have to be unhappy , “he said to her best friend. And add in a message sent a few days before the tragedy : “I became so haughty and superficial [ … ], I will pay the broken pots. Don’t be disappointed by my choice, if I chose the wrong. “

Quentin Dehar “lost” according to his mother

Greedy of fame, Quentin Dehar had paid out over € 20,000 in order to become the doppelganger of the doll male the most famous in the world. A physical transformation, a radical who was finally pushed to desperation, as explained by his mother in further investigation, this Thursday, 6 February. According to her, the surgery was “somewhere” had an impact on the decision of his son to take away the life. “It is lost, it is split. There was Ken, and there was Quentin, and I think it got lost in the two “, she entrusted them with emotion, before revealing that Quentin had shown no signs hinting to his fatal act.