VIDEO Déconfinement : what was envisaged by Edouard Philippe for the transit from may 11,

This Tuesday, 28 April, Edouard Philippe presented his plan déconfinement to the national Assembly. The Prime minister has revealed in particular its flagship measures for public transport. Decisions that are already announced complicated for the French.

How will the déconfinement from the 11th of may next ? This Tuesday, 28 April, Edouard Philippe put an end to the suspense in the national Assembly. If the issue of the reopening of the restaurants will be set as the end of may, the Prime minister spoke about the thorny issue of transport. If it represents a key operative for the economic recovery , not easy to adhere to the distancing and physical gestures barriers. “I measure the apprehension of good numbers of our fellow citizens before taking a subway, a train, a bus or a tram, which are sometimes densely occupied “, he confided, before announcing that “two sets of decisions” would be taken.

“First up the offer of urban transport. 70% of the supply of the RATP will be available on may 11. And we’ll have to go back quickly to the offer nominal “, revealed Edouard Philippe, who then ” reduce the demand “. The Prime minister has asked companies to encourage telecommuting, flex schedules, and ” asking the French to consider that the transportation at peak hours must be reserved for those who work. “The State is even willing to organize the flows by restricting the transport to certain hours and to certain populations. Edouard Philippe has also called for vigilance during the next three weeks.

Drastic measures

The wearing of the mask will be made mandatory in all public transport. And the operators will, at least for the next three weeks, make arrangements to allow the same in the subway, follow the gestures barriers, ” explained the Prime minister. The latter ensured that the capacity of the paris metro ” will be reduced “. Edouard Philippe thinks so to condemn a seat on two or even ” promote by a marking on the ground the good distribution on the docks “. Regarding school buses, the rule of a seat on the two will also have to be complied ” with the obligation of wearing a mask for the drivers and the students from the college. “And for taxis and the VTC, the customer shall not escape also not wearing a mask, with one exception : if the vehicle has a plexiglas panel.

What about travel between regions and counties ? They will not be tolerated for family life or for business reasons, more than 100 km away. Precautions taken to limit the movement of the virus. Edouard Philippe account, therefore, reduce the offer “, asking for a mandatory reservation in all trains, TGV or not. “And the politician has issued a warning : it is not advisable to leave on the weekend on the Thursday of the ascension ! You are warned !