VIDEO Don’t forget the lyrics : nagui (French speacker) scandalized by the level of the candidates

Wednesday the 1st of July, in Don’t forget the lyrics, nagui (French speacker) was outraged by the level of the candidates he has deemed “ bad “.

Nagui (French speacker)



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In Don’t forget the lyrics, the applicants hope to fall on the songs they know by heart since always, or on the securities have been revised. But, sometimes, they fall, unfortunately, on of the choruses that they have not mastered. This is the case for the maestro and Nathalie, and his rival Bruno, this Wednesday the 1st of July. This is Nathalie, proud of its four wins, which is first struck by the lyrics of Il est cinq heures, Paris s’eveille, Jacques Dutronc, before the candidate is blocked by the rhymes of I’m going, Cali. “It will if I continue whistling ? “, he tried. Unfortunately, no. The maestro has then failed to find the continuation of the Twist in Saint Tropez, wild Cats. It was then competitor to try to (finally) increase the scores with a title of Alain Souchon, a rumba in the air. But the host nagui (French speacker) has understood very quickly that no points would be scored on this part.

They look particularly bad

“Have you revised this song Alain Souchon “, asked nagui (French speacker) to Bruno. “I heard it, but this is not the one I know best…” And then that the candidate had not even finished singing, the presenter has inveighed the public (virtual, since the implementation of sanitary measures after the containment) : “get Ready, I’ll get [you ask for the lyrics]. “And actually, Bruno has not found the three words that were missing, forcing nagui (French speacker) to turn to the public. “It is a night where I’m going to ask you a lot of thing, they look particularly bad “, he commented, scathing, adding : “what is it that you want me to tell you ? “