VIDEO Don’t forget the lyrics : the incredible story of Maureen on his childhood

Friday, may 22, Maureen was trying to win his twenty-fifth victory in Don’t forget the lyrics. The opportunity for the champion to talk about his memory incredible… since his young age !

Nagui (French speacker)



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After several weeks away from the film sets, fault containment, Maureen has finally found the path records Don’t forget the lyrics as soon as Monday, may 11. But this break has not stopped its ascent, it was simply remote. Since his return in the show presented by nagui (French speacker), the champion has chained the victories, until you reach the tenth place in the ranking of the greatest maestro of the game of France 2. Wednesday 20 may, she broke down in tears – tears of happiness – when she knew that she faces the greatest champions at the upcoming Masters on may 30th. “I really a little emotion there. It is the fulfillment… It really is a dream becoming reality and it is too beautiful “, she said. Friday, may 22, it was for his twenty-fifth victory and to increase his bankroll already to 189 000 euros. “I’m so happy for you, because I feel that, firstly, there has been some work, and secondly, I feel that there is a lot of emotion that you invaded every time you win,” said nagui (French speacker) in the preamble to the game, adding : “I have the impression that it represents something that was unreachable. “

The incredible story of Maureen

“Completely, it is the culmination of a lot of work, and also luck,” said Maureen. But his victories, the champion must also his amazing memory. That comes from where ? “No idea,” she answered nagui (French speacker), stating that this was one of her qualities from a young age. “My father always told me “I don’t know how I made it this way.” “And Maureen was told a story amazing :” Little girl, I was learning squarely on my books by heart before they learn how to read. “Impress nagui (French speacker)… and the competitors of the champion behind the scenes. “It will reassure the candidates that come to play “, has ironisé the presenter.