VIDEO everybody wants to take its place : nagui (French speacker) shocked by the vocal gifts of a candidate

Nagui (French speacker) found himself speechless in the face of a candidate everyone wants to take his place this Friday 14 February. It must be said that the vocal talents of Di Bettino had surprising.

It takes a lot to impress nagui (French speacker) outside of everything to the defence of the environment. But Di Bettino, candidate of Italian origin, can boast of having achieved this feat this Friday, February 14 in the Whole world wants to take its place. As for every person who wants to dethrone the champion Sandrine, the husband of Mélanie Page has wanted to get to know the challengers, one of whom was Di Bettino. Handsome man with Italian origins, the candidate, an opera singer, has sent a few notes well felt which have amazed the entire audience and especially nagui (French speacker).

Under the shock

After the feat voice of Di Bettino, nagui (French speacker) could not hide his amazement. Under the applause of the spectators and his rivals of the day, the opera singer was not a little proud to have the effect of the facilitator to remember the words : “Bravo, I love it ! It queue the goosebumps on the last one, I spun the hair ! “Blown away by the chest of his interlocutor, nagui (French speacker) wanted to learn more about the discovery of this gift by Di Bettino :” when it is discovered that there is this vocal ability ? You have a safe incredible.” What the main party has answered : “It is more around the age of 8-9 years old when I started to sing Edith Piaf. We hear the vibration of the voice and the timbre of a voice.” Images to look without moderation (and with sound) in our video.