VIDEO everybody wants to take its place : this detail which has ruined the marriage of a candidate for Las Vegas

Valerie is coming to try his luck in the Entire world wants to take its place this Wednesday, 19 August. In love with Laurent, the candidate has unveiled some details of their wedding a surprise at Las Vegas. And it was far from what she expected.

Nagui (French speacker)



-not to follow

If as a general rule, the confidences on the couples are in The Z’amours, presented by Bruno Guillon, nagui (French speacker) has also had an anecdote of this kind in the Whole world wants to take its place this Wednesday, 19 August. It is through the traditional round of Qualifying that the game of France 2 has started. As usual, the moderator of 58 years of age has, before every issue, prompted the candidate in front of him to tell details about his life. And he was not disappointed when it was the turn of the lovely Valerie. If she has not had the chance to challenge the champion, Michael, she at least had the merit of having marked the spirits with the little story that she told.

For years, Valerie is married to Laurent. And it is well away from the France that lovers have said “yes”, or rather “yes”. On a whim, the couple flew to Las Vegas and organized a wedding in a chapel “completely unawares” : “You are gone without telling anyone and on the spot, we decided to get married. We found that it was fun and then it was transcribed, which means that it is official in France, ” explained the player.

The sake of language

Nagui (French speacker) has necessarily wanted to know more about the details of this union is not like the others. And the information that followed was worth the detour. Valérie had, as Ségolène Royal at a time, a little trouble with English. This has obviously raised concern at the crucial moment : “My wedding ceremony was a disaster, she said. I thought I spoke English very well, but no, I speak poorly “. And contrary to received ideas, a simple “yes” in the language of Shakespeare is not enough : “I thought that he just had to say “Yes”. Well no, think again ! It must not just say that. It is necessary to repeat the story of the reverend and I understood nothing. I don’t have the ears so I made yogurt. He was crying from laughing and me I was there, I understood the first sentence, “With this ring”, [” With this alliance “, ed.] and then nothing more. I saw them break down. “A heat stroke which eventually bore its fruits, because with Laurent, Valerie still runs of happy days.