VIDEO Florence Foresti leaves the Cesar 2020 : Patrick Chesnais takes to it in a violent SMS

Monday, march 2, Pascal Praud has revealed in his show, The hour pros to a text message that would have sent Patrick Chesnais. The actor is violently Florence Foresti, who had left the ceremony of Caesar in earlier than expected.

Florence Foresti has chosen well his year to get back to Caesar ! Four years after having hosted the ceremony with flying colors, the comedian’s 46-year-old has agreed to repeat the experience. But it was well before I learned that Roman Polanski, the director of the film j’accuse, was to be named in twelve categories ! A combination of circumstances which has amused the mistress of ceremony from the first minutes of the event. She explained that she had had the sensation to be dying, as she had received messages of support. But it takes more to be thrown the mother of Toni, who has multiplied the provocations to the director of 86 years. After having committed a freudian slip during the press conference – she has scratched the name of her film, she never ceased to send him of the spades, live from the ceremony. “That is what is done with a Roro ? That is what we did with Popol ? Do not, like him, do not the innocent you know very well who I am talking about. That is what is done with Atchoum ? “, she launched the front of the crowd hilarious. A behavior that is far from unanimous.

Patrick Chesnais takes a stand against Florence Foresti

After the ceremony, many users have criticized Florence Foresti to have a lack of professionalism. According to them, the star of Hollywoo would not have had to devote as much time to push the husband of Emmanuelle Seigner. An opinion that seems to share Patrick Chesnais, are to believe the text message is very virulent that he sent to Pascal Praud. “I am collapsed and revolted by the benefits pathetic and foul-smelling of Foresti and Darroussin [he has scraped the name of Roman Polanski at the time to hand over his prize, ed.], they are discredited for ever. Why the pack and the representatives of the bien-pensance are they so angry ? Thank you Sandrine Kiberlain, thanks Fanny Ardant and thanks, Claire Denis, you give us some reasons to hope still , “he reportedly wrote to the host of The hour of the pros. Proof if it were needed that the controversy around Roman Polanski divides the French…