VIDEO Hunters apart : a couple shocked by the house that is proposed

On Tuesday 30 June, Stéphane Plaza was at the controls of a new number of Hunters appart on M6. During the show, a couple was shocked by the well proposed by one of the real estate agents.

Stéphane Plaza



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Since a few weeks, Cyril Lignac has yielded his place to Stéphane Plaza. Finished, the recipes are easy to reproduce, place the Hunters apart. And the least we can say is that the most famous real estate agent is the cleat. It has also agreed to rub his brother, throwing itself fully into the competition, for the good cause. But on Tuesday 30 June, it was the any of its competitors to make of their evidence. Their mission ? Find a house with a garden in Aix-en-Provence for Noélie, Alexander and their daughter. It is, moreover, to provide more space to their little girl that the couple of thirty-year-old wanted to move. The two lovebirds was not, moreover, against a good a little atypical. But they did not expect, certainly not that going to offer them one of the real estate agents. The latter offered them a house in which two rooms do not have window.

“This is most unusual, it is oppressive “

“A room without a window can’t be considered a bedroom “, nuance all the same the accomplice of Karine Le Marchand, while he discovers the mines déconfites of the two candidates. “Given their heads, I think it is still on the atypical, but not in the good sense of all,” fun-t-he facing cameras. The two lovebirds do not hide their disappointment. They are even shocked in the face of this second room without a window. “When we said atypical, we didn’t expect it to be as” atypical, lance Alexander with amazement. This is a view shared by Stéphane Plaza. “This is most unusual, it is oppressive. Second piece blind, it becomes very complicated, I don’t validate it, ” says the ebullient real estate agent. And Noélie and Alexander bid : “Here it is two rooms without a window. One of them, it is doable, we can do something about it. If all the rooms are without a window, it’s complicated “. By chance, the third room was actually a window… but more minimalist. “It is in an area where there is sun, you know, in addition, there we do not see it. It is where the sun ? “who are wondering the two lovebirds. It is a good start for the real estate agent…