VIDEO Jair Bolsonaro reaches of the Covid-19 : the president of Brazil shocked walking around without a mask

Jair Bolsonaro is under the fire of criticism. Positive Covid-19, the president of Brazil has yet been seen outside the home in full discussion with officers of the road, without a mask. A behavior that is fly.

The whole world is hit by the epidemic of Covid-19. The balance sheet, several months after its appearance, is also catastrophic. If some countries did very well, others have a dismal record in human losses. This is the case of the United States but also in Brazil. The bad decisions of its president, Jair Bolsonaro, has had far-reaching consequences. This is not less than 84 000 deaths that were recorded since the beginning of the epidemic in the south american country. And the head of State in person was himself a victim of the virus. Last July 7, he claimed on Facebook to have contracted the disease but feel “very well” in spite of the circumstances. Feeling in top form, the president is multiplying his gestures are unconscious.

Jair Bolsonaro preview without mask

The gestures barriers ? Very little for Jair Bolsonaro. The president of Brazil, always positive in the coronavirus on Wednesday, 22 July, has been seen in the middle of a conversation with the sweepers of his residence in Brasilia. As if of nothing was, the man of politics 65 discusses, all smiles, with workers. The catch ? Despite the recommendations of the port of the mask to prevent possible contamination and the upsurge of cases, Jair Bolsonaro no door no. The images are now on a world tour and cause, beyond the anxiety, a wave of anger. Jair Bolsonaro, who had criticized Brigitte Macron explained previously that “being locked up” made him ” a little stressed “. Marcelo Freixo, one of our federal parliamentarians, said on Twitter that this behavior was ” in the image of the monstrosity of Bolsonaro and his contempt for the lives of Brazilians “. The communication service of the president has also stated that no comment would be made.