VIDEO James Martin : his son, David, reveals the “modest” sum for which it was inherited

David, the eldest son of Jacques Martin, don’t be afraid to talk about money. On the plateau of moment of Luxury, to be disseminated on a Non-Stop People, he revealed the exact sum that he inherited from his illustrious father.

His disappearance had the effect of a stab in the heart of the French. On September 14, 2007, Jacques Martin died at the age of 74 years. The legendary host, who had introduced emissions cults such as the Ecole des fans, Le petit rapporteur or The world is up to you, had died of a generalized cancer against which he battled for several years. A drama for its faithful viewers, but also for his offspring. Because the one who had also done his weapons in the theatre was at the head of a family of eight children !David and Elise, born of his relationship with Annie Lefèvre, Frédéric and Jean-Baptiste, the fruit of his love for Danièle Evenou, Judith and Jeanne-Marie, from his marriage to Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz and finally Juliette and Clovis, born to his last love with Celine Drink. Thus, it is in eight parts that his inheritance had to be shared. Invited on the plateau of moment of Luxury on Non Stop People, this Friday 14 February, one of his sons has also revealed that the amount so received was much more “modest” than some have imagined.

David Martin speaks without taboo on its wealth

David Martin assures us : he does not roll on gold since the disappearance of his famous father. But this does not mean that he is to be pitied. “Fortunately, with ups and downs also, I don’t necessarily need the sub-there, said cook, 58 years of age. It was a legacy of very modest, this is not a billion euros.” In all and for all, thus it would have affected “a little” of 100 000 euros to the death of James Martin. Him, who believes that this is not an amount that is indecent ensures that it is just enough to buy a house, “which is already a lot”. Born in August 1961, David Martin ran a restaurant in Boulogne-Billancourt. But like his father, the son of Jacques Martin also made his arms on the small screen. He notably presented the Lottery draws on France Télévisions, and was in Télématin. What to do the pride of his father, who has long worried about its future.