VIDEO Jean-Marie Bigard is preparing a program for C8 and announced ” carnage “


Jean-Marie Bigard prepares to take the controls of a new tv show on C8. Already impatient, the comedian 65 years of age reveals the details.

Jean-Marie Bigard is on a small cloud. The humorist of 65 years may well have been the subject of controversy after a very poor joke about rape on the tray Key not at my post, it has become a stalwart of the show The Big joke on C8. It is always at the side of Cyril Hanouna that the husband of Lola Marois allows the stories to most daring. Often causing the discomfort, the ex-acolyte of Muriel Robin has not finished to inspire uneasiness on the small screen. This weekend at the micro We redid the tv on RTL, including Tele-Leisure has acquired a preview in exclusive, the dad of Jules and Bella has announced its proposed issue on the “little sister” of Canal +.

A issue risky

“At this moment, C8 asks me to do an evening of jokes, he revealed. For the moment, this is not done, but we are going to choose a theatre. I am going to tell an hour and a half of jokes and that is what I intend to do on C8. On a Saturday evening, as a bonus, it is a carnage ! We broke the record of hearing ! “A project for which Jean-Marie Bigard is no longer in place, even if nothing is yet finalized. “It is almost signed, he explained. There is no more obstacle for them to do it. I’ve already prepared my stand with 140 or 150 jokes abutting end-to-end. Then, we must mount it. It is necessary to make a small pane at the time of laughter, clac, we arrive at the joke after that. It has to be mounted like a song so that nobody can get the hell out of the tv. “

Very proud of his project, Jean-Marie Bigard promises a spread ” in a month or two. “It might go faster than expected,” said the comedian. Remains to be seen whether this will put up barriers to avoid further controversy. After more than a hundred stories at the counter, the viewers are not immune to jump out of their chairs.


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