VIDEO Jean-Pierre Pernaut retiring soon ? Why Nathalie Marquay is concerned

This Tuesday, February 25, Nathalie Marquay was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à my post. Worried about the state of health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, it explains why the reporter is not close to retire.

This is the question that burns the lips of many viewers : Jean-Pierre Pernaut is it on the verge of retirement ? It must be said that last year, it has caused considerable concern to his fans. Him who would for anything in the world, the great mass of the 13 Hours was forced to be absent for several weeks due to medical reasons. The journalist of the French tv channel TF1 has not made great mystery of their state of health : he was revealed to have been hospitalized due to a cancer of the prostate. Now healed, the man of 70 has returned to its good old habits. And it could not be more pleased.

However, there is still a shadow at the table. For several weeks, a noise is heard. The one ofa possible departure of TF1, in part due to her state of health. “Jean-Pierre is going very well “, was keen to reassure his wife Nathalie Marquay on Tuesday 25 February on the set of Key not to my post, while revealing that since his cancer, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is closely followed. “Every two months, he is going to do a blood test, because there is a control to make, it is super important. And once it has been 70 years, anyway, it is necessary to make analyses and take care of yourself, ” commented Miss France 1987.

Nathalie Marquay is concerned about the state of health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

A final point on which the principal does not seem to linger. “I take care of him, because he’s never done , “laments the mother of Lou and Tom. Jean-Pierre Pernaut has no time for this. He is too consumed by his work. “What counts for him, this is the 13 Hours, still working, to please his audience, not to disappoint them. I can’t keep it at home, ” says a strand dépitée his wife who would like to spend more time with her man.

Then, inevitably, the pension so this is not for any of the following, to the great dismay of Nathalie Marquay. “He’s not about to retire. And TF1 would not accept either, ‘ she says in the face of Cyril Hanouna. And it is perhaps just as well. If she wants it ” up the walk, he stops, he takes advantage of us, of children, of his retirement, because we don’t know what can happen “, Nathalie Marquay is aware that it is a desire of selfish. Worse still, as this could seriously damage the state of health of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “I am sure that it would kill him “, she says, with concern, and then developed : “Because this is his passion. It makes him want to get up in the morning. “The actress will therefore have to be a reason.