VIDEO Key not at my post : Cyril Hanouna tackle even TF1 by parodying The Enfoirés

On Monday, January 6, Cyril Hanouna decided to go back to the Key commands not to my position by launching a new tackle to TF1. The moderator has sent a musical message full of irony the first string.

The year 2019 to not Touch my positionhas undoubtedly been marked by the conflict with the French channel TF1. After the many obstacles to the first channel or the broadcast to the antenna of old naked pictures of Karine Ferri, the first chain had decided not to let it go. While the leaders had denounced ” a campaign of denigration “, the leader, she, had attacked justice Cyril Hanouna and his production company. An action which had put an end to any possibility of reconciliation with the hellion of C8.

And in early 2020, the tensions are not likely to subside. Monday 6 January, for the first issue of the year of the TPMP, the facilitator has decided to launch yet another tackle towards the first string. By opening his show with a speech parodying the wishes of the new year Emmanuel Macron at The Elysée, Cyril Hanouna has promised appeasement with TF1 and expressed his ” desire to (be) reconciled with this string that begins with a “T” and ends by “1” “. “So look right after the credits which goes in the right direction. The meaning of appeasement “, said the facilitator.

First tackle of the year !

And it is in parodying The song of the restosdes Enfoirés, that Cyril Hanouna in singing his hymn to the pseudo-reconciliation with TF1. “Me, I go on a date to the people of TF1, without mythomanie, detour or pitch. I do not promise you to be ass-licking all night, but just dig it, forget the story “, sang the best enemy of Karine Le Marchand, who was accompanied by his chroniclers, all disguised as celebrities of the first string. If Fabien Lecoeuvre has turned to Josephine, guardian angel, Eric Naulleau, slipped into the skin of Denis Brogniart and Kelly Vedovelli in that of Miss France. The latter appealed to the first chain to let its stars come to do their promotion on the set of TPMP.

“Today, we no longer have the right to be invited to the home of Hanouna (…) If one wants to not be fired, should not go in TPMP “, they intoned the friends of Cyril Hanouna. A “small gift” of the latter on the occasion of 45 years of TF1. For the occasion, the man they call Baba also sent Maxime Guény in front of the tower of TF1 for him to offer a big birthday cake. A small attention which has not really pleased the chain , and especially not to the members of the security rapidly repressed the columnist.