VIDEO Les Z amours : a candidate asks his sweetheart in marriage, the public is involved

In the Z loves this Friday, July 31, Bruno Guillon has seen a counterpart to ask him the knee to ask his girlfriend in marriage on the shelf. And he has put the public contribution to these emotional engagement.

Bruno Guillon



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Bruno Guillon has witnessed a marriage proposal in The Z loves this Friday, July 31. If they have not managed to get more points to be able to reach the final of the show, Jocelyne and Bruno are left of the shooting stars full eyes. And for good reason : entered in the partners in the studios, it is engaged that they came from. During the pre-final race, Bruno had to answer to the following question : “In which case your sweetheart you would pass the lie detector ? If you were to say, “the older you grow, the more you embellished”, “I’ve never loved any other woman than you” or “when are we getting married, I’m dying” ? “They have answered side of the plate – he referred to the answer to number three when She had chosen the second, it is rather well caught by the following.

The spectators involved

Bruno has jumped on the fact that the marriage was spoken about to embark on a great adventure : to ask Jocelyn to marry, which is not returned. “I would like to take this magical moment to make a statement. It’s been eight years that we are together, eight years that you make me endure it, and on this occasion I would like to ask your hand : is this what you want to become my wife ? “This impulse of love has been generously applauded by the audience, who was put to work before She gives her answer :” I would like to involve the public in making a count, not going to the moon but to go to the stars, because today, the most beautiful star that shines in the sky, it is you.” After the count, the answer of Jocelyn was not made to wait : “Oh yes, my darling ! “They may have lost the game, but they are the real Z amours of the day.