VIDEO Les Z amours : a candidate denounces the gift of ngejudesin that offered him her husband

This Tuesday, June 30, in The Z’amours, a candidate has revealed what is the gift of everything except romantic gave her her husband for a his birthday. Bruno Guillon and the audience of the program have been very disappointed by it.

Bruno Guillon



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Flushing out small through the candidates for My love, such is the mission that is given to Bruno Guillon. The facilitator, with questions that encourage participants to up its game to open constantly the cabinet has folders annoying, sometimes tasty anecdotes. On Tuesday 30 June, he asked the candidates to denounce the goujateries of their companions respective. “What opportunity would you have said to your companion : “Then, frankly, on the move, thou hast not walked in ?” “has he launched. Véronique had things to say about her husband Bruno, who will never find any ideas of gifts to offer it to him for Christmas and birthdays. Not knowing what to take, he likes to commit small, odd… or even buy things that he must not offer to his wife. “It always makes the gift a bit… But this time, for my birthday, he gave me a scale,” revealed Veronica, still dépitée.

Bruno acknowledges his error in The Z’amours

“I didn’t know if he wanted to tell me something… I don’t know. But oh well it is gone with all away, eh, ” said the candidate. Surprisingly, she did not wanted it for a very long time to her husband, who had not thought evil : “thinking back, I think… It is not mean. It is true that the scale was broken, he wanted to be nice, she explained. But hey that’s what… ” Bruno quickly went to get a refund to buy another gift, but he has not used his second chance. “After that, he has been an exchange, but he came back with two stoves,” said Véronique in the face of a Bruno Guillon stunned. When Bruno returned to the plateau, the facilitator has necessarily asked about these gifts worthy of a true ngejudesin. “Why scales ? “he has-he asked. “I’ve never ideas for gifts. So… there was no particular connotation, responded to the applicant, annoyed. I have not walked in at that moment. “What Veronica has responded with humour :” As always, huh… ” At least she seems to be accustomed to.