VIDEO Les Z amours : abandoned on a road, a candidate supported his companion

A candidate of the Z’amours told a story embarrassing for his companion : this last one was… abandoned at the side of the road after yet another argument. A memory he had erased from his memory, but who returned to him in full-face on France 2.

Bruno Guillon



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Bruno Guillon has engaged the distributor to anecdotes and unusual this Wednesday, August 19. The facilitator of the Z’amours has asked a question perfect to get crispy little stories : what has been the behavior of the more “excessive” that had the candidates towards their companions respective ? Arnaud, in a relationship with Maïté, has thought of something strong, not very nice, but relatively harmless. “It was there not long ago. I’ve had the misfortune to make jokes about the sales of his canteen and it is really bad fell. She was very happy, she told me “It was done as a client, as a meal” and I said to him : “is That all ?” It was very, very wrong “, he told. Bruno Guillon, mildly satisfied by his answer, has been taken into account in the hope, no doubt, that Maïté had another story under the hand. She actually had one, and dropped a small bomb on his back on the plateau des Z’amours.

A candidate for a tackle, his companion in The Z’amours

Invited to find the behaviour most “excessive” of Arnaud, Maïté has thought of something much older. “He has a very bad memory that comes to mind… It is at the beginning of our relationship. We would quarrel all the time. It was in the car, him in front and me in the back, but there was not a seat “, she started. On this day, they were aboard a utility vehicle. “There was a boyfriend who was in the front next to Arnaud’s and I was in the back. Arnaud was doing it on purpose to drive like an idiot, so I was really shaken at the back, told the young woman in The Z’amours. So I was super excited. We argued and he told me to get out of the car and walk home. I thought he was joking. Except that in fact he left me at the edge of the road and I had to really go back to the foot. I really thought it was too much at the time. “Arnaud, embarrassed by hearing this story that he would surely have preferred to keep for him, had to tell him that he had not thought of that :” I think I’ve forgotten this painful case… “He then pulled out the sign, indicating his / her response, which earned him a small tackle of his companion :” This is nothing as a response, let go of Maïté. “Making fun of his turnover, excessive ? It is not pleasant, but this is not excessive… “