VIDEO Les Z amours : Bruno Guillon shocked by learning the circumstances of the meeting, a couple

In The Z loves this Wednesday, January 15, Bruno Guillon fell out of the clouds by the fact that Elodie was still a minor when Antony, 27 years old, fell in love with it. A confidence in the face of which the facilitator had difficulty to manage themselves.

Two years after picking up the reins of the program Les Z’amours on France 2, Bruno Guillon is like a fish in the water. The hearings are at the appointment , and the instructor 48-year-old is more comfortable with the candidates that it receives. But during these past two years, Bruno Guillon has found that it was never safe in any destabilization : he has already made cry a candidate and found himself in the middle of a quarrel of couple in full emission. But this Wednesday the 15 of January, it is quite another form of malaise that he has lived.

16 years of age against 27

Among the candidates of the day were Elodie and Antony. Lovers for twenty years, the lovebirds have been the Achilles heel of Bruno Guillon. At least, with regard to their encounter. In the Face of the men’s duos who came to try their luck in The Z’amours, Bruno Guillon wanted to know when they have done the most for its originality. A question for which Antony has referred to the times where he had been gentle the night and join Elodie at it. If the approach can be cute, Bruno Guillon quickly fell out of the clouds by learning the circumstances of the meeting of the couple.

Antony has revealed that for the see at the beginning of their history, he had him slip away a little bit of wire ” to see if he could come over to her house without getting caught by the parents. Because at the time of the facts, “[She] was a child, I was 27 years old, ” said Antony. It was not long more for the chills Bruno Guillon. The latter has had a lot of trouble not to judge what he was doing to hear. He therefore wished to know on what occasion they had met : “just at the anniversary of his brother-in-law one evening and it was here that I saw it for the first time. It was the big coup de foudre “. A lightning stroke that lasts for twenty years but which Bruno Guillon has probably still not recovered…