VIDEO Malay in Questions for a champion : Samuel Etienne is explained after a big unexpected

On Monday, June 29, viewers, Questions for a champion, remained on their hunger. While the match between Patrick and Francis was in full swing, the show was abruptly stopped. An unexpected situation which is explained Samuel Etienne on social networks.

Samuel Etienne



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Since the 22 February 2016, this is Samuel Etienne who is at the controls of Questions for a champion. The facilitator 49-year-old took over the reins after that Julien Lepers, historic look of the show, was ousted by France Télévisions. A sudden replacement as it was not digested as it has claimed more than 3.4 million euros compensation after his dismissal. It has, however, been dismissed by the prud’hommes of Paris, Monday June 29. For his part, the father of Malo has been able to integrate completely within his new environment. Although initially maligned by fans of the show who feared to see their habits changed , it has finally captivated the audience with his natural and his good humor. But if Samuel Etienne is very appreciated by the viewers, it is also because he plays an honest game with them.

Samuel Etienne unveils a sequence cut accidentally

When a quack is product on his tea, the husband of Helen does not hesitate to speak openly , rather than trying awkwardly to hide it. This was the case a few months ago when ringing of a mobile had sounded, or, more recently, when the broadcast was suddenly interrupted. In effect this Monday 29 June, while the party was still ongoing, the image is suddenly cut off, before being launched in the pages of advertising. Surprise followers of the game in general culture, who are asked what had happen. He will finally have had to wait a few hours before Samuel Etienne does not give the response on social networks. “DON’T PANIC ! We are sorry that this cut pop up 2 minutes from the end of the Questions for a champion tonight. A technical problem, it can always happen…“, he explained, sharing the sequence that has been accidentally cut off the antenna. A nice surprise for the faithful of the program, who were thus able to see the end of the final, which pitted François, Patrick.