VIDEO Manu Payet talks about his first time late, and the pressure that it has suffered

Discreet about his private life, Manu Payet has, however, agreed to discuss his first time in ” I love you’s etc .. An unforgettable moment that he feared a lot.

If it was in a first time drilled in the radio, Manu Payet has made its merry way in the field of humor and comedy. He even had the honour of becoming master of the 43rd ceremony of Caesar in 2018. It is simple, there is nothing to stop it. On Wednesday 15 January, it will be up to the poster of the Selfie, a comedy in which he plays the leading role. Guest I love you etc this Tuesday, January 14, to make the promotion, Manu Payet has also had to respond to intimate matters raised by Alexandra Hubin, the sex therapist of the issue. The opportunity for him to discuss his first time.

For the first time in 17 years

If he has confided that the moment was ” very annoying “, the companion of Pauline has also revealed that he had been somewhat embarrassed by his situation : “I waited longer than the other boys because I grew up less quickly than the others because a two-month incubator […] and a boy who has finished it later “. He remembered that in the boarding house in which he was enrolled, his comrades had ” already done “. A pressure added to the one he was already with his sweetheart of the time : “She was so beautiful, this girl that I thought I’d finish ever, and in fact if, he indicated. I was afraid not to be up to par because she was so beautiful that I didn’t want to disappoint and I have forgotten my experience with me. And, finally, with the benefit of hindsight, I told myself that it was not that bad. I am not too bad out “. A sequence that you can find in our video.