VIDEO Meghan Markle : a speaker of BFM TV shocked with remarks that were deemed racist

On Monday 13 January, the channel BFM TV has received a columnist of the Daily Telegraph to discuss the crisis within the royal family. Except that this last was the light of the remarks that have stunned viewers.

In the past few months, the world has only one name in the mouth : that of Meghan Markle. Become the duchess of Sussex, by marrying prince Harry, may 19, 2018, it has the effect of a tidal wave within the clan Windsor. It must be said that, as the embodiment of modernity, it has repeatedly found itself in opposition with the traditions monarchical. A situation that is not near to be fine, since the torque Sussex has just taken a big decision. As announced in a press release disclosed on 8 January, the parents of Archie will take their distances with the british royal family. In addition to install a part of the year in Canada – where lived the former actress before becoming a duchess -they will also be put to work to become ” financially independent “. Anything to ruffle the hair of the queen Elizabeth II, who immediately convened a crisis cell to maintain control over the situation.

Rokhaya Diallo tactile

Since this announcement now, not a day goes by without an expert opinion on the subject. On Monday 13 January, it was the turn ofAnne-Elisabeth Moutet, a columnist at the Daily Telegraph. Invited on the set of BFM TV, she explained that the clan Windsor was very worried since the announcement of the couple from Sussex. “There are two real dangers that frightens the royal family. The first one, it is a complete break with a complete separation. Then, Meghan and Harry had started talks with american chains in order to give an exclusive interview “, she revealed. Until then, nothing really shocking, except that it is subsequently tried on a comparison highly dubious. Wanting to demonstrate that Meghan Markle was not all that she let appear, she said : “he thought He was married to Halle Berry and it ends up with Rokhaya Diallo. “It was not necessary any more to light the wick of criticism on social networks.

Outraged by the words of Anne Elisabeth Moutet, Rokhaya Diallo is immediately stepped up to the plate. In a tweet assassin, the former columnist of the Key not at my post, it was thus lamented : “it Is impossible to speak of a black woman as a singular being ? Why judge its respectability and comparing it to other black women ? “It is not the only one to be frantic, since many users are also said to be very shocked by the remarks made on BFM TV. Some have even accused the reporter of racism. A passage in television that she is not about to forget…

All there is in this sentence: racism, sexism, and colorisme.

— Master Diaaa 👩🏾⚖️ (@DiaDborah1) January 14, 2020