VIDEO Michael Youn released in full honeymoon, he tells his misadventure

Today crazy in love with Isabelle Funaro, Michael Youn has experienced a few setbacks-side the heart. Before you even say “yes” to one of his ex, the actor, 46-year-old flew with her to Tahiti for a honeymoon is far from being idyllic.

Michaël Youn



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Michaël Youn is the happiest of men. The actor, 46-year-old is in a relationship with the actress Isabelle Funaro, with whom he had two beautiful children, Seven and Stellar. But before reaching that balance which he has always dreamed of, the former host of Morning Live was leaked. This is not for nothing that he has done the comedy Divorce Club, worn by Arnaud Ducret, of which he had come in to do the promotion on the tv show I love you etc, hosted by Daphne Bürki. Broadcast on Wednesday 19th August, the program was a Special Marriage. The opportunity for Michaël Youn talk about one of his misadventures on a honeymoon trip. The story begins rather well : “I had planned to get married, he said. But for stories of planning, we went on our honeymoon before the wedding “.

Abandoned in full honeymoon

The lovebirds of the period – Michaël Youn has not revealed the identity of the mysterious companion , had put the cap on the French Polynesia, Tahiti, to celebrate the union that they were about to seal. Not all of it has unfortunately not worked out as planned : “The person, at the end of two days, has been remembered for the famous recall of casting, he confided. I told him “But we are in honeymoon trip, you will not me leave me, all alone, in Tahiti” ! “Unfortunately for the ex-host of Morning Live, his sweetheart preferred to make the trunk for professional reasons. And the wonderful scenery offered by this destination have not been enough to Michaël Youn to fully enjoy his stay : “She went to the other side of the world, and I can tell you that when you’re all alone in Tahiti, surrounded by Asians who are all on a journey of marriage, you chopez the professor of diving and you tell him, “you, you’re going to become my best friend, I’m not going to leave you” “. It is probably as well that he was able to keep the head out of the water.