VIDEO Michaël Youn speaks about the difficult separation which inspired him to Divorce Club

The 14 next July, Michaël Youn will be releasing their film the Divorce club, for which he was in part inspired by his personal life. Marked by a break difficult against a backdrop of infidelity, the director has confided in I love you etc

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Stopped due to containment, the promotion of Divorce Club has finally resumed for Michaël Youn. The filmmaker, who will release finally his film on the 14th of July next, was a guest this Tuesday, June 30, in I love you etc, Daphné Bürki, who knows his misfortunes sentimental, asked him if he was inspired from his personal life for this film. “Yes, of course, him he replied. That happened to me in my life so I wanted to get out of this story with laughter. Simply. It is so shabby, separations… There is so much dirt… Well, sometimes. I think that there are people, couples, intelligent people who are able to separate well… ” A statement that has created a small moment of floating on the board. “I very much enjoyed this little silence ! “was amused Michaël Youn. The one that has in part inspired the Divorce Club was in any case not elegant at all.

Michaël Youn is identified with one of its characters

In his film, the character of Arnaud Ducret discovers the infidelity of his wife in full ceremony at work. This one has a sexual relationship with her boss, and everyone heard because of a microphone left open. If Michaël Youn has not experienced a similar situation, he had to box a kick just as powerful. “I discovered on the cover of a people magazine that my wife was deceiving me. It is almost worse in a ceremony with a microphone, he had been assigned to the 25th June last in C to you. I didn’t know it, I discovered it in the magazine. “To achieve a comedy as Divorce Club, she has been able to go ahead :” Make a film on it, be able to exit through the top of this story, it was cool “, he entrusted this June 30, in I love you etc

Michaël Youn has, however, clarified that he felt closer to a person other than the one of Arnaud Ducret. He identifies more with François-Xavier Demaison, who helps his friend to see the divorce as a party. “I’ve often been the François-Xavier Demaison of my friends, has been assigned to the director. Often, when I have friends who are separating or divorcing, I am the first to go see them and tell them : “You can’t imagine the luck you have ! It is the most beautiful thing that could happen to you ! You’re back on the market !” In addition, it is reversed. When it was 25 years ago, it is we who are trying to find girls that suit us. And after that it is just the opposite : they are much more numerous ! “Even if everything is not so simple, as it shows precisely into the Divorce Club.