VIDEO Nicolas Sarkozy : the internet users have spotted his doppelganger in Married in the 1st glance, and it is stunning


Monday, 13 January, fans of Married at first sight had the right to a whole new number on M6. They discovered the father of the candidate Melody, which is very similar to Nicolas Sarkozy !

The fourth season of Married at first sight on meeting a success ! On Monday 13 January, they were, in fact, more than 2.45 million of French to follow the second episode, broadcast on M6. It must be said that the show had the right to its share of twists and turns. Then she had a high compatibility with Sylvain, Sarah has not been able to make his meeting. The reason for this ? The candidate sent him a letter making him aware that his mother was recently deceased. In shock, he saw not celebrate the biggest day of his life in these conditions.

For its part, Melody is also distinguished, but for other reasons. The young candidate has massively annoyed the viewers because of his attitude vis-à-vis Adrien. It has in fact not spared when it made its appearance in the municipality of Grans. “I see that Adrien does not match the physical criteria of my future husband. My style man this is great, but really great. The black eyes… He has green eyes… So, I’m in a moment of hesitation, ” she confided to the cameras. But there is another reason for which the candidate has done a lot to talk about it !

The father of Mélody the buzz on the web

If the viewers lingered in his case, it is also because of his father. When Melody told him she was taking part in the program, the latter did not go unnoticed because of its great resemblance to that of a politician, who is none other than Nicolas Sarkozy ! The dad of the bride is certainly older than the former president, 64-year-old, but many of the features of his face correspond to those of the husband of Carla Bruni. A detail that has not escaped the fans of Married at first sight. On social networks, they are given to heart joy to shots of montages and images diverted. “It looks like Nicolas Sarkozy refugee in Lebanon in 10 years “, ” When you have changed your hairstyle and you do UV to evade your trial #Sarkozy “, ” He is rotten in the guise of Nicolas Sarkozyin Patron Incognito “, have even enjoyed some of them. Be confused with the one of the most powerful men in France, there is worse !


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