VIDEO Olivier Marchal creates discomfort by offering a role offensive to Aya Nakamura

Olivier Marchal was the guest Key not at my post. The director is loaned to a small set, assigning of a prominent role, very surprising. Aya Nakamura, it, had the right to the least flattering.

On Monday, 6 January, Olivier Marchal was in Key not at my post. The director came to make the promotion of the second season of the seriesThe crimson Rivers on France 2. The opportunity for the director of the 61-year-old to discuss his upcoming movie, Bronx, in which you can find the rapper Kaaris in the casting. The best enemy of Booba will perform a cop of the brigade anti-gang. A role inspiring a little game to Cyril Hanouna.

Olivier Marchal slips

The host of the talk show C8 was then proposed to Olivier Marchal to find roles tailor-made for celebrities. “As thou hast the eye to choose outliers to play in your films, I’m going to show you photos of celebrities. You’re going to tell me if you think they would make good cops or good rogue in one of your movies, ” said Cyril Hanouna. If Olivier Marchal has entrusted Emmanuel Macron would play a cop ” gr, for him, Nabilla could very well slip into the skin of a fliquette to stup’. “ Roles are very accurate and rather flattering.

This is not the case for Aya Nakamura who was given the worst role by the director. “She’s… in proprietress of bar hostesses ! “, he started discovering the photo of the singer in a white dress at the neckline very high-cut. What interfere with Cyril Hanouna. “Oh, yeah ? It’ll make him happy ! “retorted the host, which eventually burst out laughing. “This is not naughty ! “assured Olivier Marchal, well aware of the unease around him. Cyril Hanouna, him, wanted to calm down in game, recalling that it was for a movie. “It’s fiction ! Because she is very pretty “, he added. This is a small game that is not going to make you laugh Aya Nakamura, already very criticized in recent times.