VIDEO Queens of shopping : a candidate disgusted by its beauty at the beautician

Zipporah was well positioned to win the competition of the Queens of the shopping this Friday, may 22. If the shopping went well, this was not the case of the beauty. The candidate was deemed a failure and did not mince words to say to the beauticians.

Cristina Cordula



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The issuance of the Queens of the shopping, putting the nerves of the candidates to the test. This Friday, may 22, Zipporah had the heavy task to close the week of the theme Connected with two printed. Its 400 euros in his pocket, the former Miss has scoured the shops in paris, under the eye advised to Cristina Cordula and its four rivals are installed in the show-room. Everything is a priori well spent for her to choose her outfit. On the other hand, the game is spoiled at the end of his shopping. Short of budget and time, the young woman has not been able to buy accessories and do her makeup. Knowing this last essential in the contest of the Queens of the Shopping, Zipporah has therefore fostered the hair and makeup. It would perhaps not have…

A beauty completely failed

Arrival in the lounge, Zipporah is left behind to be pampered by two beauticians at her disposal. What was supposed to be a relaxing time has unfortunately turned into a nightmare for the candidate. The hairstyle has not been a problem, but the makeup has pushed Zipporah when she discovered the result. She wanted a make-up refined and discreet ended up with a thick line of eyeliner completely missed. Even Cristina Cordula has not been able to hide his grimace by recognizing the work of the professional. Already stressed by the time, Zipporah therefore did not mince words to express his dismay at the beauticians : “This is too much makeup, it is a disaster. You have makeup remover ? […] This is not successful, ” she hammered. After a few seconds, and a catch-up in the nick of time, all eventually return in the order. Unfortunately, it was not sufficient to win the victory, raflée by Aurélie…