VIDEO Remarks of Emmanuel Macron : the president of the Republic will say to the French

Monday, April 13, Emmanuel Macron will speak again in the face of the French. But what does it say the president of the Republic. This Thursday, April 9, BFM TV has discussed the main themes and issues that it must address.

Taking the floor as expected. A exceptional situation, exceptional measures. For more than twenty days, France is confined in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. In the Face of this war – as has been qualified on several occasions the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron must to reassure his people. And to give him the guidelines. In one month, the tenant of the Elysée palace is getting ready to take the floor for the fourth time. A speech announced in a prime time Thursday 9 April, but which will in reality place on Monday 13 April. But what does it say there ? Camille Langlade, head of the political department of BFM TV is interested in the major themes to which the husband of Brigitte Macron will not be able to escape.

Starting with containment, of course. Emmanuel Macron explained that the ” containment will be extended beyond April 15,”, as reported by the Elysee to the AFP, without specifying the length of the extension. “Is it continues fifteen days, or a month ? “asks Camille Langlade. “He must find the words as to allow the French to take during this time to greet their collective behavior, broadly exemplary and respectful to save the most fragile,” believes the head of the political department of BFM TV. Emmanuel Macron will, without doubt, to acknowledge the courage and the strength of the nursing staff. He must reassure them also, the ones who are in the front line of the pandemic so that they have neither the conditions nor the means necessary to fulfill their mission properly. But it will certainly need to have also a word for those who ignore restricted conditions of release.

“An extremely dangerous “

Another critical issue : the strategy of déconfinement. “How do you get out of it ? With a mask for the world, or not ? With serological tests for everyone ? “, list the journalist, before discussing the much maligned digital traces. “Is this effective ? What is his thinking on the issue ? “asks she. Finally, the president of the Republic will also explain the practical implications that this containment has on the French economy, which is already very shaken. “One worker in four is unemployed, in part,” recalls Camille Langlade. And question : “What must be done by the State to protect the most vulnerable who will suffer even more, as the confinement continues.” One thing is certain : Emmanuel Macron will be expected at the turn. It is an ” extremely dangerous “, concedes the head of the political department of BFM TV, before concluding : “He must find the words to unite, promote, draw a perspective for that the French take longer.”