VIDEO Scandal Benjamin Griveaux : Joachim Her-Forget is a troubling revelation

Joachim Sound-Forget has relayed the video of a pornographic nature attributed to Benjamin Griveaux. This Friday 14 February, the deputy has explained on the plateau de Morandini Live by a troubling revelation.

It is the shock. This Friday, February 14, Benjamin Griveaux has officially withdrawn his candidacy for the mayor of Paris after the broadcast on the social networks of a video of a sexual nature. On these images, non-authenticated and assigned to the candidate LREM, a man is shown masturbating. A series of screenshots of a conversation between a woman and her interlocutor, who is introduced as the ex-spokesman of the government, have also circulated. While many politicians have denounced the release of this sextape, which the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski would be at the origin, Joachim Sound-Forget, him, has openly relayed on Twitter. ” I hope that these videos sexual afflictive incriminating Benjamin Griveaux and a young woman will be denied by him and his team for such a defamation would be extremely serious in the campaign for Paris “, he wrote on the social network.

But why the member of parliament and former member LREM he participated in the scandal ? Again, the one who has announced his candidacy for the next presidential election in Key not at my post gave explanations of the surreal to the internet : “1) I am not responsible for people who make videos of their cock in the sms 2) I find that it is quite acceptable that people are imperfect and saucy that proves their humanity 3) The perpetrators of these mob attacks organized must be brought to justice. “This Friday, February 14 in Morandini Live on Cnews, Joachim Her-Forget has delivered a layer. Once again, the member of parliament for 36 years has provided explanations very wobbly.

Joachim Sound-Forget persist and sign

“I have done nothing ! You need to find the culprits ! We are in a world where hypocrisy is the master. This link, I have not had out of nowhere. It turns with hypocrisy among all the frames of the macronie for several days. And it runs in other environments. In the intelligence community interior and the police, this information turns. People know and there is a culprit behind “, revealed Joachim Sound-Forget, who refutes all lynching against the candidate to the municipal. “What I want is that it has the skin of the culprit. This mr Piotr Pavlenski must be delivered in a single plane. The political asylum that he had in 2017 in France should be lifted. It must be returned to the home of mr. Putin. Then, there are other people “, he assured.

If Joachim Her-Forget does not recognize any involvement in the controversy, the latter goes further in the provocation. For him, this is only the beginning ! “There’s something serious ! There are several young women, at least two, who are exploited, or to be in cahoots with the guy who made this site [Piotr Pavlenski, ed.] and certainly with other people, he continued. They are now targeting public figures. They will see, try to tease, send messages, pictures and videos suggestive. They come in their meeting, try to private contacts. This is what is happening. You believe that this site has been done by one person ? Me, I don’t put my hand to cut… there will be other people. I say that he has fallen into a trap. “

“It is very likely that other traps have been extended to other persons by the same type of profile “, he concluded, by stating that other videos on other policies could see the light of day. Case to follow…