VIDEO-TPMP : Fanny Neguesha fact revelations of intimate on his physical

The arrival of Fanny Neguesha on the shelf not Touch my position has not gone unnoticed. And, of course, the questions over his physical have fused. The young woman is not dismounted and responded cash.

On the 7th of February last, Fanny Neguesha has made its arrival within the team of Cyril Hanouna. The former supermodel, who was a presenter for Trace TV, continues his adventure to the television by integrating the band of columnists in Key not at my post. And it must be said that with her physical dream, her curves sexy and her smile pest, the new recruit has not gone unnoticed. Far from shy, the young woman with a generous neckline has very quickly found its place. For his first on the board, she is also very easily imposed and has not hesitated to play an honest game in front of his new colleagues.

Fanny Neguesha reveals its many aesthetic operations

Benjamin Castaldi, who was in command of the show that day, commented on the excerpts of a documentary on cosmetic surgery among young people. Discussing with the team on the plateau of C8, the presenter then talked to the former girlfriend of Mario Balotelli. Without hesitation, he asks : “Is it that you have already had surgery, you ? “Taking off his choice and his physique, it is straightforward that Fanny Neguesha replied : “I think it shows ! “Between irony and humor, the companion of the footballer Mario Lemina goes even further, and reveals which parts of her body that she was retouched :” I have done the breast surgery, so breast augmentation and teeth “. Among these confidences, Fanny Neguesha would also like to restore some truthsand claims not to have touched neither his mouth nor his ears. Here is the first flawless for the mother of Isaiah-King who has proven that beyond the physical she could win with his straight-talking.