VIDEO Vince Vaughn under the fire of criticism after his discussion with Donald Trump

It usually takes a bit to pack the media machine. And this is not Vince Vaughn, who may argue to the contrary. The actor has indeed been observed in the middle of a conversation with Donald Trump during a game of american football, thus causing reactions outragées of many internet users.

Vince Vaughn is part of that unforgettable generation of actors and actresses who have punctured the screen at the beginning of the years 2000. Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch, Dodgeball or Serial noceurs, it was difficult for moviegoers to escape the big guy from Minnesota. After a delicate relationship with Jennifer Aniston, who has been a long time and is contemplated to embody the famous Joey Tribiani in Friends is going through a period of his career more sober, far away from the comedies that made his glory. It will be enough for a video fly to redo talk to him. The actor has indeed been recorded without his knowledge in full discussion with the american president Donald Trump during a match of the championship of university football.

“Really sorry to share this video “

On Twitter, the former editor of the Daily Beast Timothy Burke has posted a video of thirty seconds, already seen by eight million people. On it, we can see the two men talk cheerfully, around a Melania Trump completely absent. As noted by the site, USA Today, Vince Vaughn has never his contacts with the Republican party of the us. It was the supporters of the former senator from Texas Ron Paul and his son Rand, the current senator from Kentucky. Both are part of the major exponents of the current libertartien, listed to the right. While other figures in hollywood did not hesitate to criticize sharply the current tenant of the white house, the actor seems to remain true to its ideals. “Vince Vaughn had the chance to oppose a rapist, traitor and killer of children. Instead, he proudly shook the hand of Donald Trump. They go both of them to fuck off, ” read among the reactions on the Twitter network. This promises a year 2020 rich in debates !

I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it.

— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) January 14, 2020