Vincent Moscato in Tears Remembering Christophe Dominici, Suddenly Gone


The Tragic Disappearance of Christophe Dominici

This is a disappearance that has done a lot of harm to French rugby. On November 24, 2020, Christophe Dominici lost his life in circumstances that remain unclear, more than 2 years after his passing. To pay tribute to him and to discover a little more about the man he was, a documentary was created focusing on the former rugby star.

The Great Friend of Christophe Dominici

He had played for the Stade français Paris and was a pillar of the French XV, the native of Toulon (Var) was very close with the famous Vincent Moscato. A former very good player himself, he now shines on the radio, every weekday on RMC, but also on stage, since he is also a comedian. In the documentary Christophe Dominici, he burned life, broadcast this Thursday evening, the great friend of the former acrobatic winger returns to the tragic death of his friend. “This guy left too soon, you know … That’s life,” says Vincent Moscato, before being suddenly taken by emotion, which overwhelms him and makes him shed some tears in front of the cameras.

The Funeral of Christophe Dominici

The journalist opposite apologizes for having mentioned the sudden disappearance of the one who was loved by all, before the husband of Krystel Moscato begins to laugh, a bit embarrassed to have shown his emotions. A very strong moment in emotions and which recalls the funeral of Christophe Dominici, whose images are broadcast during the report. A very strong moment to which Vincent Moscato obviously participated, as well as the teammate of the rugbyman at the Stade français, Sylvain Marconnet. Questioned in the documentary, the latter always has an emotional memory of the one with whom he experienced everything. “Even more than 2 years later, it’s hard, because for me, in Paris, I don’t want to go anymore, since he’s no longer there, because Paris, without Domi, it’s no longer Paris, for me,” explains the former rugby player. Very strong testimonies that remind us how much the husband of Loretta Denaro was a special character and loved by all those who knew him and who regret his disappearance, at only 48 years old.


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