Violeta Mangriñán’s Painful Journey: Leaving Her New Home


Violeta Mangriñán’s Heartbreak

Violeta Mangriñán, broken-hearted, has had to leave her house in Valencia. The influencer, along with her boyfriend Fabio Colloricchio and her daughter Gala, moved a few months ago to their incredible new home that they had renovated and decorated to their liking.

Separation from Gala is Difficult

In response to a question from a follower, Violeta has revealed that “probably and not too long from now” they will return to live in the capital again because “I’m very bad at separating from Gala even if it’s only a few days a week”. Violeta Mangriñán is not handling being separated from her daughter, Gala, very well. “Probably we will go back to Madrid for rent and the house in Valencia we will have for holidays, weekends or whenever we feel like it. We are talking a lot these days about the subject and considering options for September,” the influencer has revealed in her Instagram stories. “Obviously, the quality of life in Valencia is infinitely better than in Madrid,” she has assured, however, Violeta is not taking it well not being able to be with her daughter all the time: “Having the job in Madrid and my daughter in Valencia is not compatible. I thought I would handle it better, but I was wrong”.

Violeta’s Plans for September

Violeta has confessed that she spends too much time on the train. Violeta has said that she is crying a lot these days. “I’m not handling the idea of leaving that house to go back to an apartment in Madrid very well, but with Fabio and I working in Madrid, life in Valencia living on a train is not quality of life at this time in our lives,” she summarized. The influencer has revealed that this subject is being very complicated for her and that “I needed to vent with you, I’ve been crying for days over the issue,” she confessed. We will have to wait to see if the situation has improved by September and if, finally, they have to leave Villa Favioleta to return to the capital.


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