Virginie Efira marriage to actor at 22, 3 years later split.


The Guest of the Show: Virginie Efira

For her first episode of Chemins de traverse, broadcast on May 24th on France 3, the presenter Agathe Lecaron had a special guest: Virginie Efira. Although the Belgian actress is everywhere, being the most sought-after actress in French cinema, she rarely speaks about her private life. Pregnant with her second child, and the first fruit of her love with Niels Schneider, the mother of Ali, from a previous relationship with Mabrouk el Mechri, this time accepted to say more. In particular, about her past love stories.

The First Marriage of the Star

Thus, if we could discover, as surprised as Virginie Efira herself, the one who gave her her first kiss, during a rather embarrassing sequence, Agathe Lecaron, a friend of the actress, also evoked the first marriage of the latter. Indeed, the star of Benedetta, who conquered Cannes again this year, married very young at the age of 22, to the Belgian actor and producer Patrick Ridremont. She stayed with him for three years before leaving him and falling in love with the director Mabrouk el Mechri, with whom she gave birth in May 2013 to her daughter Ali. About this marriage, she confided: “It did not correspond at all to an ideal of life, or pre-written values, all that, but when the person in question proposed it, I was in love and perhaps a little too lightly, I do not know I said yes.” She tells Agathe Lecaron that this is not something she has been waiting for a long time, but rather a very spontaneous and little thought-out yes.

Her Love Life

In her love life, many actors. “The shootings make it possible for sometimes there is an intimacy to play that can favor, explains Virginie Efira. Especially since I have an extreme shyness especially in this type of relationship.” Playing with someone for a long time thus favors the possibility for her of a meeting and the birth of feelings. Very shy, she has had to drink alcohol before a date. But all this is ancient history for the one who now shares her daily life with an actor, the talented Niels Schneider, with whom she is expecting her second child.


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