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The Colors of Memory

The 8th arrondissement of Paris is currently buzzing with the thousand and one colors of Caroline Faindt. The painter is indeed unveiling her works at 56 Boulevard Malesherbes, from June 7th to 13th 2023, as part of her exhibition entitled The Colors of Memory. On this first day, she also went to the spot to enjoy a joyful vernissage organized with her close ones, many friends… and her famous companion.

Celebrating Life

In her canvases, Caroline Faindt celebrates life, retains the best, the essential. We often find crowds that unite, gather to form a single bouquet. Through these multi-colored human chains, she proclaims her need for union and her love of life. For the occasion, she wished to revisit memories of collective joy, which marked her life and her journey. Personal memories going back to childhood, spent at the ice cream vendor, and others that belong to a more collective memory such as the victory of the Blues at the Football World Cup.

Discover the Exhibition

To discover or rediscover her crazy canvases, head to the 8th arrondissement of Paris before Tuesday June 13th 2023.


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