Vitaa and Slimane : a very nice gesture to combat the coronavirus

Even confined, Vitaa and Slimane continue to work : they have released the clip very special for their song beautiful, produced in collaboration with their fans. A video that has avoided costs of production, they have thus given to the research !

Everything was going very well for Vitaa and Slimane before the pandemic : the duo, whose album VersuS has been a real phenomenon in the charts, her tv appearances and success, and provided a great tour. But the containment has put a sudden stop to all of this. In these difficult circumstances, the two artists do not give up to their fans : they keep the link on Instagram, where they organize sessions and exchange of music every Monday. They have also made contribution to their fans for the clip of their song Not beautiful, released this Wednesday 1st April. If they appear well at the end, partially hidden by a window covered with condensation, it’s their fans who are in the spotlight in this assembly of videos. Almost all were shot in the house by other confined, who have done a wonderful collective work. Something to inspire Vitaa and Slimane, who took a great decision in relation to this clip.

The big gift of Vitaa and Slimane at the AP-HP

If there had been no health crisis and containment, the video provided to Not beautiful would need a budget of 30 000 euros. A sum that Vitaa and Slimane have donated to the Foundation of the public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP). Like other celebrities affected by the current situation, the duo decided to make a donation. “The images in this clip participative are so poignant. All these videos of our fans, confined, but more poetic and more worthy than ever… This wave of generosity, we had to accompany and amplify it by a personal message box, they explain in a press release of their own production company, Indifference Prod. We are all now affected very closely by this scourge. Our families, our friends, our loved ones are exposed, and it is vital for them as well as for the entire nation to become aware of the importance of volunteerism and giving. “The two artists have stated that the 30,000 euros would be allocated to the research of treatments against the Covid-19.